EM and the season’s recent competitions in the French Alps

Foto: Christina Holst Jensen

Then the season ended for this year. Although Ninan says it’s probably the season with the worst countdown so far, she still got 3 NM bronzes, a strong 4 place in the European Championships and World Cup bronze in the battlefield. This despite the fact that the season has been characterized by a lot of disease for Ninan and a plundering hip for her dog. An impressive achievement in other words!

Ninan has used both the powder and omga 3 from Dogvitality on his dog throughout winter. “I have always struggled to get the dog to eat and take a bag, especially before the competition when we have been out and traveling. This has also been much better this season, very GOOD! I have not used pot socks on a The only workout, yet the pots have been sore and crackless throughout the season, so I’m very happy! ”

We in DogVitality have followed up on Ninan during the season who have been proud to be able to contribute as a sponsor. We congratulate so much on the well-completed season!