Here you will find comments from ImproWin users. Feel free to send us your story!

Anne Marte Grüner Henriksen

“I have a hot blood that has been bothered with bad codes and fillings for almost a year, and she has received a lot of different medical treatments, but the plagues are always returning. After a long month of ImproWin, the change is amazing. Both the fillings and wounds are completely gone. The money I’ve spent on ImproWin is definitely saved on lost winter costs. I’m very pleased with the product.”

Synne Netland:
I’m crazy a lot with mildew. Had tried everything but nothing helped. Begun on
Improwin and after 2 weeks all the mildew was awake and it never came back again.

Martha Mountains:
I had a horse like mildew, loose stomach and silotslett. Improwin helped crazy a lot and I needed no more than a cure / box.

Anita Hetland:
struggling with mold and something they thought were peptic ulcers. After a few weeks the musty was gone. What can you say? Feel happy

Anette Anda:
Hi! It has been incredibly good with the horse. Last winter I was afraid of losing her when she had problems with digestion and still got colic. In addition she was full of eczema and it was very scratchy! This is a NL jump in 24 years. A few months after we started with Improwin we saw clear change. Blank and nice in the fur without eczema. Man and tail grew for the first time for several years without being chopped off, and in particular, the stomach / bowel appears to work properly and old lady sometimes believes she is a youth again. Is not it all because of improwin but it has helped well, there is no doubt.

Annie Vangsnes:
I pretended my horse had bad codes and mildew. A couple of weeks after he had gone to ImproWin, the problems were gone. Kjempe satisfied.

Train coach and coach Per Oleg Midtfjeld, Mysen

Oleg started using ImproWin on 5 horses. After 2 weeks of use with ImproWin he could observer that;

– Three of the horses who have been bothered with tricky digestion, there were already great changes / improvements already.

– two of the horses he could not see anything but they were healthy in the first place as well.

Train coaches and coach Ari Hartikainen, Finland

– The horses eat well with molasses, they have recovered well and he thinks they drink water a little bit too

Trainers and coaches Illka ​​Korpi, Finland

“I think Improwin has been the most help for those who really suffer from stomach problems”

Ulleri (cold blood 8 years old, stomach problems, medication, many times)

– Initially, at the beginning was a tasty problem with ImproWin

– The horse’s appearance improved significantly, grease grew and hair was improved

– No medicines may be needed anymore

Nelilyn Mr Big (5v warm blood valack)

“When the horse came to work he was nervous and loose stool

– After 3 weeks of ImproWin, the horse calmed down and the external appearance improved.

– Competing successfully

Diao Dovar (4 years warm blood valack, too thin and dried out, especially after the race)

– 3 weeks after ImproWin appearance improves

“It also seems that the leaders have improved and the horse has begun to compete

Nelilyn Saphira (2 years of warm blood, education comes in diarrhea strong units)

– ImproWin has been favored most. Fertilizers are normal, even in training and outside in good condition

M. T. Frida (lv 6 year old stomach, stomach problems, thin)

– ImproWin through the use of external appearance is good and resistance has improved so much that the horse has been able to compete regularly

Trainers and coaches Joakim Lövgren, Sweden

I am positive to ImproWin and we use the product repeatedly by Vet Bertelsen. Particularly on horses with rags in the fur, small bumps combined with a little dull coat. They have apparently improved rather quickly. The taste has been solved with soaked Slobber Mash.

Dresser Linn Salen Nordfonn, Skien

I have used the product for several years now and am very pleased! It’s the only thing that keeps the white horse beans moldy now that’s so messy 🙂

Veterinary and dressage rider Heidi Catrine Karal, Oslo

“Why do I choose IMPROWIN:

The company behind the product has solid competence and works systematically / seriously.
ImproWin is based on solid research and testing.

The product fits your needs. I have a big Swedish hot blood dressage horse (176 at manke height and almost 700 kg). It is difficult to keep good muscle mass on such a large horse throughout the year – especially when the grain quality differs. Winter 2011/2012 and 2012/2013 have been particularly bad with regard to mold in the ensilage. Unfortunately, the horses can have colic or peptic ulcer if the height and the ensilage are not good enough. When the horse does not eat enough grooves, it will of course not be able to work out optimally. It will also lose weight. My beautiful dressage horse once in a lifetime had neurological symptoms after eating moldy high / musty silage. I would like to avoid this again at all costs.
THIS winter I was not nervous. I trusted IMPROWIN’s properties. The horse had good appetite, was 100% healthy and had increasing shape curves throughout the winter. Yes, other horses in the stable (and in the district) got colic and had variable appetite. Fantastic! The results speak for themselves.
We have many fun workouts in dressage. We ride a lot in the woods. The horse and I have advanced from LC to LA in dressage competitions in a short period of time.
Yes, we get pretty good results when we participate, but we must of course practice to get it done!
We have a FANTASTIC fun and varied workout day together. Seeing that my horse is healthy, forward and healthy – also means peace of mind for me. Now we must have a visit to the salmmer soon because the breast and back muscles are constantly evolving in a positive direction! ”

Trainer Stine Marlen Bendiksen, Dividalen
Stine is one of Norway’s youngest trotters and Norway’s northernmost treadmills. She is in the Dividal at Målselv.
Stine’s horse Villemosen has lost the entire 3- and 4-year season due to stomach bumps. But now Acupuncture and ImproWin have done the trick, so now he’s on his feet again. It has worked very well and he travels faster than ever.

Horse owner Margrete Kvarberg;
“Sonic e fresh no thanks to improwin! =) Just mingle to put on the soap and get some muscle again, then we’ll go back to the full! But do you have the energy and energy back, the coat is better, he puts on soap, he’s playing and I’m back in the herd and he’s outgoing again so he’s able to get “contact” not just having a horse that’s stupid and accepting everything without being mentally present in what’s happening. And he’s flirting and does not play again;)”

Veterinary Target Free Water
I have used ImproWin for several years for our travhest Bjørlifaks. He previously wounded with peptic ulcer and was stressed. Following a recommendation from the Bjerke Rikstotoklinik, I tried the improWin feed supplement for Bjørlifaks. He has since received the grant every day (besides during a convalescence period where he went to pasture) and has not had any stomach ulcers anymore. He also works very well and has become less stressed, although he is often keen on the race, and sadly galloping a few pounds in. After one I started with Impro Win, Bjørlifaks has jumped in 655 899; – NOK 56 starts. He has won 13 victories, including in Erik Garlèn’s Memory on Hagmyren (V75) with 125,000: – SEK in first prize. Bjørlifaks has sprung 1.24.3 faster than 2100m with full start. I am very pleased with how he works and that he has not had any peptic ulcer anymore, so I will probably continue with ImproWin to him. In my profession as a veterinarian, I have also recommended ImproWin to other horses with stomach problems and also to horses with bad codes. Several of the horses are becoming better at ImproWin according to their owners. I have also seen that horses with cracked codes have had less problems after they have gone on the feed supplement, although it does not matter solely all the problems of this kind I think it’s a good supplement.

It is

Trond Olsnes, Sandnes;
“Has a horseman like Kolik, it became a fantastic horse with ImproWin. The colony returned when it finished with ImproWinW. The shape was brilliant and it jumped higher.”

Mads Arne Leivseth, Ankenesstrand;
“Ildfaks has become a new horse, the stomach stabilized very well.
Come in good team and have a good appetite. Great results after he started with ImproWin. Very satisfied.
Lillegutt has also stabilized his stomach and is not so awkward anymore after a race (better recovery).”

“The horse has become a big babe in her fur and got a better appetite. She was a little skeptical at first to leave it in the crib, but now there is no problem and the crib is empty every morning. Still struggling with some bad codes, but that has become much much better, she also struggles with some moisture eczema / rash which has also improved .. Is very happy so far and will buy a box to see the development of the horse now when it starts again to compete.”

Gallop trainer Maria Robertz:
“Tried on two horses. They threw the winter coat, are nice, exercise well.” Works very far in shape and well-being for the season “(April).

Trainer Russell Suttle, Våle:
“When Giant Batman came to us he was outright, wearing fur as a steel wool Ole Einar, who recommended us to try ImproWin. We started with it in June 2007. Batman ate, put on the right kilos, was well-groomed, and won ……… “.

Eva Marie Aarstad at Karl Ove Nordtømme:
“We have three horses at the ImproWin stall now. All three eat it …. At two of the horses it’s most prevalent. In one of these two we see that he can withstand more training without getting rid of kilos. We have had some trouble getting a hold of that horse and have been afraid that he will be too thin. But this is going well now. Both of these horses are getting better training now than before.
All three horses on ImproWin are white, apple and fine in the fur and have a much better mood.
The third horse that runs on ImproWin has worn us very soon. He has been stiff throughout his body, stinging in many joints several times, becoming throbbing and having big muscular nodules crossing the cross. He has had a very bad mood, of course, has not been training and it has been a short time! ImproWin was after many injections, acupuncture treatments, power, massage, X-ray and bone scan and various treatments last resort. And for a revolution !!! After a week we saw a difference, the horse got rid of a lot of stools, the body stretched out and suddenly he did not look so bad anyway. Muscular nodules dissolved. Had just had an acupuncture there, he had almost never seen such a stiff horse before and assumed that we had to have at least 5-6 treatments when he arrived after 14 days and was going to take the next treatment, the horse was soft as a cats. He almost did not think it was the same horse. Now the horse has an incredibly good mood, has become training-minded and above all, he can withstand the training without getting stiff or stiff. Has had several animal doctors to put on the horse without finding out. But here it is clear a horse that has had major problems with digestion. Now he only eats a spoon of improwin a day and it keeps it in check. He has also been white and nice in the coat. Good to see the horse happy and healthy again. He also has no bad / broken codes anymore.”