ImproWin -for cats  is an advanced Norwegian food supplement that combines our unique patent with a high-quality omega-3 fish oil. This unique combination improves the most common issues related to fur, skin, paws and joints. Our unique patent increases the uptake of Omega-3 and other essential nutrients.

The effects of  ImproWin® for cats

Effective in case of mild allergy or skin irritation
Gives shiny coat
Provides soft paws
Normalizes shedding
Good for joints and mobility
Ensures daily needs for omega-3






ImproWin® for cats consists of a top omega-3 (from wild white fish) that is formulated with B vitamins and salts of an organic acid as well as vitamin E. This combination provides both additive and synergistic effects, or as we say, “double effective omega-3”. This means that ImproWin® for cats gives stronger effects than other similar top omega-3.

ImproWin® for cats is developed in collaboration with leading veterinarians and animal nutrition experts.

1 bottle of 250 ml ImproWin® for cats lasts approximately 100 days.

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