ImproWin for dogs is a product line for increased  health and well-being in dogs. Our products are developed in collaboration with leading veterinarians and animal nutrition experts. ImproWin is recommended by Norways’ leading breeders and dog racers. Click on a product to read more. 

Omega-3 + B-vitamins

EPA joint supplement

Digestive support



Omega-3 + B-vitamins

ImproWin® for dogs Omega-3 + B-vitamins has a double effect in relation to similar top omega-3

  • Effective in case of mild allergy or skin irritation
  • Gives shiny coat
  • Provides soft paws
  • Normalizes shedding
  • Good for joints and mobility
  • Ensures daily needs for omega-3


Daily dosage:

  • 1 teaspoon (5ml) per 10kg dog
  • 1 tablespoon(15ml) for dogs over 40kg

250ml lasts approximately 2 months for a 10kg dog
1000ml lasts approximately  3 months for a 25kg dog and 67 days for dogs over 40kg

The product consists of a top omega-3 that is formulated with B vitamins and salt of an organic acid as well as vitamin E.

This combination provides both additive and synergistic effects, or as we say, “double effective omega-3”.
This means that our product gives stronger effects than other similar top omega-3.

ImproWin® for dogs Omega-3 + B-vitamins is now with liver taste.

ImproWin® is developed in collaboration with leading veterinarians and nutritional expertise for animals, and is recommended by the country’s foremost dog breeders.

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EPA joint supplement

Daily use and dosage:

  • Under 5 kg:        1    capsule per day
  • 5-10 kg:              2    capsules per day
  • 10-20 kg:           3-4 capsules per day
  • 20-30 kg:          5-6 capsules per day
  • 30-40 kg:          7-8 capsules per day
  • Over 40 kg:        9   capsules per day

120 capsules lasts 60 days for a 10 kg dog and 30 days for en 20 kg hund.
250 capsules lasts 2 months for a 20 kg dog.

Nutritional value per capsule (0,5 g):

Tot. Omega-3 min 350 mg
EPA min 220 mg
DHA min 60 mg
Vitamin E (Tocopherol) 4,5 mg

  • Is good for joints
  • Maintains mobility
  • Against stiffness
  • In addition, the capsules will contribute abnormal shedding, glossy fur and soft paws

Consists of a highly concentrated fatty acid called EPA(eicosapentaenoic acid), but also some DHA(Docosahexaenoic acid), DPA(docosapentaenoic acid) and Vitamin E(Tocopherol). The DogVitality fatty acids are based on fish oil from sustainable wild fish(anchovis) that provides a higher purity than oil from bigger fish species, with minimal impact on biodiversity. The oil we collect is Friends of The Sea Certification.

ImproWin® for dogs EPA Joint supplement is most effective without other omega-3 products, because EPA competes with other polyunsaturated fatty acids for uptake and utilization.

The product absorbs quickly, there are no reflux and is free of smell and taste.

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Digestive support

The ImproWin® concentrate stabilizes the gastrointestinal tract and ensures a healthy and vital dog. Effective against lethargy, reduced appetite, abnormal defecation like indigestion and diarrhea.

  • Reduces the number of bacterial challenges
  • Optimizes the intestinal flora
  • Improves feed utilization and nutritional uptake
  • Normalizes the feces.
  • Increases appetite and well-being

Daily use and dosage:

  • 1/2 measuring spoon= 1/2 ml per 10 kg dog daily.
  • 1 measuring spoon= 1 ml per 20 kg dog daily.
  • Up to 5 measuring spoons = 1 teaspoon for large dogs or dogs during a lot of exercise.
  • In acute cases, we recommend double dosage.

ImproWin® for dogs Digestive support has its use case especially in gastrointestinal problems. Studies has shown to reduce the number bacterial attacks and to have a balancing effect on the gastrointestinal flora in favour of good intestinal bacteria. It reduces the growth of pathogenic bacteria(bad bacteria).

Hence, ImproWin® has a positive effect on digestion and can be effective against anxious or sensitive stomach, abnormal feces(diarrhea/constipation), and reduced appetite.

The ImproWin® concentrate is especially effective for active dogs during a lot of exercise or heavy stress / stress like hunting dogs, competition dogs, and other types of use dogs. The powder contributes to increased energy and vitality, while improving the dog’s restorative ability.

ImproWin® is developed in collaboration with leading veterinarians and nutritional expertise for animals, and is recommended by the country’s foremost breeders and dog breeders.

70 tabl.
lasts  70 days for a 15 kg dog – recommended when reduced appetite.
30g lasts 30 days  for a 20 kg dog.
 lasts 100 days for a 20 kg dog.
1.2 kg lasts 1200 days for a 30 kg dog.

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