DogVitality™ for joints. 120 capsules


DogVitality™ for joints

  • Is good for joints
  • Maintains mobility
  • Against stiffness
  • In addition, the capsules will contribute abnormal shedding, glossy fur and soft paws


DogVitality™ for joints consists of a highly concentrated fatty acid called EPA(eicosapentaenoic acid), but also some DHA(Docosahexaenoic acid), DPA(docosapentaenoic acid) and Vitamin E(Tocopherol). The DogVitality fatty acids are based on fish oil from sustainable wild fish(anchovis) that provides a higher purity than oil from bigger fish species, with minimal impact on biodiversity. The oil we collect is Friends of The Sea Certification.

DogVitality™ for joints is most effective without other omega-3 products, because EPA competes with other polyunsaturated fatty acids for uptake and utilization.

Our formula is designed for joints, mobility and against stiffness.

The product absorbs quickly, there are no reflux, free of smell and taste.

Daily use and dosage:

Under 5 kg:        1    capsule per day
5-10 kg:              2    capsules per day
10-20 kg:           3-4 capsules per day
20-30 kg:          5-6 capsules per day
30-40 kg:          7-8 capsules per day
Over 40 kg:        9   capsules per day

DogVitality™ for joints 120 capsules lasts 60 days for a 10 kg dog and 30 days for en 20 kg hund.

Nutritional value per capsule (0,5 g):

Tot. Omega-3 min 350 mg
EPA min 220 mg
DHA min 60 mg
Vitamin E (Tocopherol) 4,5 mg

Additional information

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