HUNDEBOKA – happy and obedient dog of 1-2-3, discounted 10%

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The simplest and smartest dog book on the market



The simplest and smartest dog book on the market

How to get an obedient and happy dog? Here, Arve Skjelbred Larsen, experienced dog driver from the police, has collected his best tricks for good dog teams. You get concrete tips on choosing the right puppy and how to raise this puppy to become a well behaved and happy dog. Here are the steps to tease the most important exercises like theirs, lying, in place and apportion. Once the basics are in place, you can start with more impressive tricks, like getting your dog to trace fungi. In addition, the book contains tips on diet, vaccines, pitfalls to avoid and this is a simple and practical book suitable for beginners and more experienced dogmasters.

Arve Skjelbred Larsen has 25 years of experience as a dogman in the police, both with patrol, bomb and drug dogs. He has been the obedience champion of the year in the Norwegian championship for drug dogs. In addition, he has a basic education in pedagogy, and has helped build the dog service in Bosnia after the war. Arve Larsen has also had his own dog school.

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