ImproWin® for dogs Omega-3 + B-vitamins – for fur, skin, paws and joints (1000ml)


Double effect in relation to omega-3, with mild allergy and skin irritations, for smooth and full coat, normalized smoking, soft and smooth paws, and good for joints and mobility.

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ImproWin® for dogs – Omega-3 + B-vitamins gives a double effect in relation to similar top omega-3

  • Effective in case of mild allergy or skin irritation
  • Gives blank coat 
  • Provides soft paws
  • Normalizes shedding
  • Good for joints and mobility
  • Ensures daily needs for omega-3

The product consists of a top omega-3 that is formulated with B vitamins and salt of an organic acid as well as vitamin E.
This combination provides both additive and synergistic effects, or as we say, “double effective omega-3”.
This means that ImproWin® for dogs – Omega-3 + B-vitamins  gives stronger effects than other similar top omega-3.

ImproWin® for dogs – Omega-3 + B-vitamins is now with liver taste.

ImproWin® is developed in collaboration with leading veterinarians and nutritional expertise for animals, and is recommended by the country’s foremost dog breeders.

A 1000 ml bottle of ImproWin® lasts approx. 3 months for a 25 kg dog. and 67 days for dogs over 40 kg


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