Another exciting and challenging collaboration for DogVitality. We work together with the Team Sled Dog guys to reach their high sporting goals and equally high goals outside the sled track.

The season opening has been strong for the guys when they set a new world record with a 70-foot-long dog team. DogVitality is aiming for the sporting results to be as impressive as the season is getting too ugly. We wish Stein Håvard, Torsteinn and Svein Åge good luck with the autumn training and are waiting for the results to come with the snow.

“Team Sledehund, Stein Håvard Fjestad, Torsteinn Sofusson and Svein Åge
Jakobsen, has high sporting goals. To achieve these goals, they add
significant emphasis on professionalizing everything they do. From training to
guidance. After trying DogVitality over a period, they clearly see
The effect DogVitality has on the dogs. They have registered one immediately
effect with the use of DogVitality, for example, by firmer stools and stools
reduced amount. The dogs are in good shape and in a good mood, something they trore one
Better gastrointestinal function contributes to. Now they are looking forward to testing
the effect of DogVitality and DogVitality with Omega-3 during periods of
increased stress and increased workouts. “

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