Here you will find comments from satisfied DogVitality customers and frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Svein Åge Jakobsen, dog breeder and editor of summarizes his experiences from one year’s use of DogVitality with focus on gastric ulcer.
The conclusion was;
“The dogs have not had any problems with stools / stomach / intestines this season, which has not been caused by Giardia.

The dogs have kept weight good, have returned well and had solid and good stools throughout the season. Problems with ulcers have been completely absent. We are convinced that DogVitality is one of the reasons why stomach problems are a retarded stage. We are also convinced that DogVitality contributes positively to digestion and provides a higher feed intake, thus defending the price. “(The feed intake is documented by a study at the Veterinary School where the amount of feces was 13% less when using” DogVitality for gastrointestinal tract “. DogVitality team).

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Kirsti Brenna-Ål in Buskerud; Labrador bitch HD with calcification in both hips
I heard about DogVitality through Hilde Askildt (dog breeders), whom I have been a kennel help, and act for since 2012. I have a Labrador bitch in 4 years, she has HD with calcification in both hips. She is also a very small and daring lady of Labrador to be. I started to have her with me when I was on a training trip with Hilde’s dogs. Vibegynte noticed that she was having a lot of trouble keeping up (hanging out) when the snow became a bit rotten and loose. We could clearly see her pain. Hilde then tell me about DV, and thought I should try it. My little Labbis has gotten this since spring 2012, when the 12/13 winter started and we were ready for a walk in a new sneeze, the dog did not recognize 🙂 She is now jumping around like a little gaselle! She also had very dry paws, this has also been a lot better 🙂 I really want to thank you for this amazing product, and if someone is unsure if this works, they can contact me 🙂 As long as DogVitality is on the market, I will not try anything else! Regards super happy customer !!

Lisbeth Kvinge, Norsk Schäferhund klub
Started using DogVitality on a bitch who had white flash in the fur. When the bottle was empty, we tried something else and the flash came back. Now using DogVitality with omega-3 continuous.

Lena Bekkevold Marthinsen, Folkehøyskolen 69 grader Nord, Mortenhals men ellers fra Gol
I have a 3-year-old female scholar who struggles with weight and weight. Does not it keep it, this goes beyond fur and itch too. The animal husband thought hu had poor nutritional uptake, but I have my own recipe for ho when he has these periods and DogVitality for stomach and intestines is central to the food bowl. I had sent ho on dog retirement and when I got my dog ​​my tebake was half of what I delivered … When feeding it and DogVitality, because the coat was bleak, the claws were crazy and the dog was generally in poor condition. I came to find this product when I was with my job (Alt For Animals AS) at Zoo Expo and talked to one of those dominated by DV. Then we talked for a while, I explained and he gave me good tips and confidence in this product! So now it’s stuck in her dog bowl, and I’m considering and buying for horse when I get it. I also use the product they have for joints, and it’s DogVitality with Omega 3 that keeps my dog ​​healthy! 🙂 Brilliant happy, keep on with your good product!

Jan Ivar Johannessen, Saupstad;
However, Vitality with omega-3 has given a very positive effect on my two dogs now 9 and almost 11 years old. Have noted that paws and fur have had a boost after I started with Dog Vitality. Blank and nice coat and paws that are soft like cotton. They receive a dose every day.

Kennel Charanga. Torill Annie Johansen, Bardu;
We have 2 Irish wolf dogs with rash / eczema, red eyes, smoking etc. DV is the only one that has helped. Other oils have not worked.

Lisbeth Ottesen, Geilo;
“Now I have tried DogVitality stomach and bowel on my dog ​​for 4-5 months, and it has had a fantastic effect.
There is an end to rummage, vomiting and diarrhea. Also notice that the appetite is top.
Great that there is one product that is so efficient.”

Stine B. Nordvik, dog breeders from Ler;
“Dog Vitality has been a success for us, this marvel has made our dogs more stable. However, Vitality has led to better nutritional uptake and better recovery. We also registered shorter rest period after the annual stomach virus infection, none of the dogs were so reduced that they could not train.
We now have the skull diarrhea on the dogs and if someone gets diarrhea, it’s usually over at the next bowel movement. We also do not think we were able to train as much as we do without Dog Vitality.
So we are pleased with the product. During the months we exercise most, the dogs get 3-4 daily rats in a day, and then it is important that the stomach stays stable. This helps DV with.”

Hege Hellesvik, Oslo;
“My animal has meant that she should not eat dry food if there is no DogVitality on: o)”

Irene Krogstad and Eirik Muan, Kennel Skovard, Børsa;
“We decided to try Dog Vitality after some friends had received very good pelse on their Golden Retrievers. May admit I was a little skeptical when I think the feed we use contains ALT, but thought we were trying.

We have dachshunds, pointers and a Bracco Italiano. We are active with our dogs on exhibition, hunting and tracking. Our Bracco was a bit bad to eat, but after he got the oil in his food he ate everything. But the best is the bright and good coat they’ve got. We have also tested the powder for stomach and intestines on a dog that has managed to get loose stomach, with good results. We recommend our puppy buyers to use Dog Vitality on their dogs.”

Randi Bakke, Grimstad;
“I have been completely out of DV powder for my dogs. I had to use higher doses for a short period of time when they had gotten something they did not tolerate.
Would you like to send a box as soon as possible? And, if the production is on the new DV for skin and fur, send a small bottle of it too, so I can try it on my dogs.
It was amazing how fast the stomach crossed them this time. I gave them 2 measuring dishes each divided into 2 meals, and the diarrhea gave up during the same day. In the past, such accidents have had consequences for days of vomiting and diarrhea.”

Angelica Merkel and Christof Diehl, Icebells Kennel, dogmushers from Germany
We had some dogs who had lost too much weight during season – so those got dog vitality continously.
So I got the idea to add dog vitality (the powder as well as the oil) to the snacks the dogs get after racing (mainly meat and maltodextrin). This we did with all racing dogs. The acceptance was very good with the dogs, even bad eaters always took their snacks.
We started about 3 weeks before the World Championship with DogVitality and therefore had the chance to try it in three races.
Now to our observations:
The thin dogs with DogVitality didn´t loose any more weight despite of hard training. They still were in good shape at the WC. (they started gaining weight after the season, when training was considerably reduced and it got warmer).
One very important observation for us was the following: we had 4 dogs who always had blood in their faeces after hard training and racing plus 2 or 3 more who had it sometimes (all those dogs also were thin). This was reduced after about 10 days of DogVitality and at the WC we didn´t have any dog with this problem!
Blood in the faeces after hard work seams to have one reason in a problem with carbohydrates (of course if you can exclude parasites!). Maybe DogVitality improved the digestion of the carbohydrates, that they didn´t irritate the lower parts of the intestines any more? In addition, omega-3 has also an anti-inflammatory effect, maybe this helped as well?
One more point we liked: the omega-3-oil doesn´t smell of fish like the products you can buy in germany.
As for the older dog, who got DogVitality because of her chronical diarrhoe: it also had positiv effects on her, she didn´t get too thin like last winter even though it was much colder. And her faeces improved, before every once or twice a week she had really watery faeces (it was never solid, we had to be satisfied when it was like the one of a cow). This stabilized at the cow-like status, the watery faeces stopped completely and she didn´t react so sensitive to little changes in food as before.
Altogether, we were very satisfied with the performance of our dogs and would like to use dog vitality the next season as well.
Also, we think that dog vitality should be wider known and used in Germany.

Leitni Skår, Valestrandsfossen;
“Before I got my English Springer Spaniel puppy (now 1.5 years), I was at a dog show on Bjerkebanen, where I got a test product of DogVitality. As soon as I got my puppy, I started using DogVitality products. I continued with my abonement and dog have used DogVitality daily with omega-3. We have received a lot of comments on the fine glossy coat, it shines incredibly. The pots are soft and fine and so far we have not had skin problems. I’m very pleased with the subscription and the product. used the oil in the fur before long forest walks to prevent branches and twigs from joining.”

Inga Dansberg, Nord-Torpa;
“Before Christmas, we bought a large box of dogvitality powder with you. One of our dogs has allergies and he reacted very well to the powder within a few days. It has been wonderful to experience for both him and us as owners. to order a new box of 1500ml dogvitality concentrate (powder). Many thanks and good greetings.”

Bente Fimland Therkelsen, Kennel Ratoppen, Andebu;
“At Kennel Ratoppen we give both the puppies and the adult dogs DogVitality because they are allround dogs that are also used extensively in the woods for, among other things, the search for damaged animals.

Dachsen is in addition to wonderful family dogs, good working dogs and loves long walks in the woods. With the long upper body and the short legs it is important to have good lining and DogVitality with omega-3 to maintain good quality skeletal, muscular and not least paws and fur. This is what we mean at Ratoppen is very important for having a healthy, happy and happy puppy and dog. Therefore, we use DogVitality for all our dogs

We have also experienced the effect DogVitality with omega-3 has on the fur and Bobby Brown is a great example of how important it is with DogVitality with omega-3. We have worn a bit of matte and curly coat on him, but after we started giving him DogVitality he has got a nice coat. In addition to becoming a Nordic Junior Winner in 2010 he became the Norwegian Exhibition Champion.

We are in no doubt when we choose DogVitality for our dogs.”

Question from Monica Nilsen, Breeder in Råde,
“I have very good experience with DogVitality Mage and Intestine for an adult dog, but now I have a puppy litter in 3 weeks that has been given diarrhea. Wondering if I can put this powder in the soaked drizzle that they are going to start eating? Is there any limit on when it is advisable to give them this?
The dogs are of race Flatcoated Retriever, and are otherwise quick and fast, and eat well and grow normally.”

Answer from DogVitality; “If your puppies have finished the die period, you can have the powder blended out as described. Try with a dosage by weight and possibly increase to double.”

Feedback from Monica Nilsen; “The puppies are not completely done with the die, but I took the chance and tested the powder anyway. And it worked out very super! The puppies are today 3 weeks and the stomach is now completely normal after 2 days of dry powder powder (received 2 times daily).
Thanks again for great products, which actually keep them promises :-)”

Svein Olav Bjelland, Sveio
Elghunden has had great fur, good paws and no skin problems.
“I have black moose dogs and am very pleased with the product. Great fur, good paws and no skin problems. These are dogs that are in great activity. (Hunting, after searching and walking.)

Jeanette Nilsen, Alta
The paws disappeared and the coat was shiny on the rescue dog Ask
Ask is an active Flat Coated Retriever boy in 4 years. He is approved rescue dog search in Norwegian rescue dogs, and during the winter most of the time goes to avalanche and snowmobiling. He has had potatoes, dry and crispy claws and rubbed some evenly. He has received Dog Vitality with Omega-3 for about 5 weeks now, and after that short time I already notice improvements! The potions are as good as gone, the claws are not as dry and crisp longer, and he shouts less. Blank and nice coat. I’m very happy with the product and highly recommend it!”

Wigdis Sjursen, Nordhordland:
Mocca performs on all expectations
I have three dogs, two Hygenhunder and a Strihåret Dachshund, all of whom go to DogVitality. My hygenhund, Pan, is a little picky, so I had some trouble getting it in him at the beginning. My husband and I were out and the dogs were on kennel. The two who went to DogVitality came home fresh, but Pan got a kennel host. That’s when I was really convinced that DogVitality strengthens the immune system and keeps the dogs healthy. My Dachsen, Mocca, is the Norwegian and Swedish Exhibition Champion, Norwegian and Swedish Viltsporchampion, and has the 1st prize on the Drogshop for Dachshunder. In addition, we compete in agility, and in this context it is extra important that she stays soft and smooth. Since DogVitality is also good for joints and muscles, I think this helps keep her in good shape. I often get the coat of my herds – especially the youngest who has gone to DogVitality since we got her a shiny coat. When someone remarks her white coat, I always recommend DogVitality.

Merete & Margit, Kennel Bøjentan`s
The dogs are recovering more quickly after long hunting days
We are breeding the breed Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen for hunting, search and family. Our goal is to bring dogs that have good hunting qualities, are breed-type and who work as family dogs. This means that we place high demands on the health, hunting, appearance and endurance of our dogs.

We have now used DogVitality for more than 1 year on our dogs, something we notice brings both pears, fur and appetite. During wet periods, dogs can often get a little discolored (rosafarget) in the fur around the mouth and paws. This is noticeably improved after we started using DogVitality. We also notice that the dogs get faster after long hunting days. Appetite and recording capacity have also clearly improved. DogVitality is a natural part of the daily lining of our dogs and we gladly recommend it.
You will find links to Kennel Bøjentan`s here

Anne Gry Larsen, Larvik The dogs got extra energy and the color of the fur back. I have two bird skins, a bitch and her puppy, for which we actively use hunting and snoring. A few years ago, tispa was infected with boreliabacteria and almost overnight the color changed to become completely gray. Even though she was only 6 years when it happened, her general condition became very bad. We were at the vet and received several antibiotic cures, but were told that the color would never return. From a neighbor I was recommended to try DogVitality for stomach and intestines and started combining this with a special feed. It did not take many weeks before we felt big changes on both fur and health and soon she was back in the fur and in the top blow. It was almost as though she had a new youth.

It was strange that the puppy obviously had also been infected. Shortly after, it also became easy to get gray coat. Then I drove it on the same course with equally good results. Today, both dogs use DogVitality every day, but I have cut out the special feed. DogVitality in combination with a normal good dog feed gives the dogs everything they need. In addition, I have given some fatty acids, sometimes also DogVitality with omega-3. Then the fur will be even nicer and the dogs will not dry on the nose. I must also say after I started with DogVitality, the dogs have got a fantastic energy. I’ve noticed that they never get stiff and shock, even after long days in marshes or deep snow. I recommend DogVitality to anyone I know who has a dog. Such a good product deserves it!

Breeder Magne Henne, Geiteryggen:
The coat shines and the dogs stay healthy
Although my Schäfere is of a good lineage, I have seen great changes after I started with DogVitality. Especially on appearance and improved health condition. The dogs stay fresh and I get many comments that the coat is so blank. The periods of smoking have also become shorter, but more intense, so the fur will be faster soon again. The results for the show dogs speak for themselves. Dogs with skin irritations have also been terrific.

I’m a little skeptical by nature, so earlier this year I decided to try if it was really DogVitality that was the reason why the coat became so shiny. I let a pregnant bitch use DogVitality and tried without another. The result was quite amazing. The DogVitality Tispa puppies were much shorter and fuller in the fur. In addition, the litter was more homogeneous and the puppies were more powerful and had thick fur on the abdomen – which is unusual. I give all my dogs DogVitality every day and recommend it to you. You will find links to Grenland Animal Rescue and Kennel Breibars here

Kristin and Kjell at kennel Kikkiathy,
DogVitality gives us the “little extra”
Vi på kennel Kikkiathy driver oppdrett av collie langhår. Vi har prøvd ut Dog Vitallity med Omega-3 på noen av våre hunder bla. Kikkiathy`s Fabulous Golden Winner – Frida. Vi har vel aldri hatt noen problemer med pelskvalitet eller hudproblemer på våre hunder. De er sunne og friske. Men som utstiller og oppdretter, ønsker man det “lille ekstra”. Kristin jobber på Telemark Dyreklinikk, hvor de sensommeren 2008 tok inn Dog Vitallity. Frida hadde sitt første valpekull sommeren 2008, og mistet all pelsen. Den siste Certet var enda ikke er i boks, og vi ønsket oss en flott pels i “rekordfart”, hun har 6 Cert, endel CK og flere BIR og BIM. Frida har nå brukt produktet i 6 mnd, og hun har fått en utrolig tykk og blank pels, Fargen er mer intens og hun har fått mye mere “humør”. Vi trener også utholdenhet med henne 2 ganger i uken. 1,5 til 2 timers turer etter travhesten hentes inn igjen raskere enn tidligere. I tillegg er det godt å vite at DogVitality styrker immunforsvaret, bedrer næringsopptaket og gir sunn mage-/ tarmflora. Vi anbefaler Dog Vitallitytil alle som vil gi det lille ekstra til sine hunder!

Arve Larsen, police officer and long-term dog manager, Larvik:
Blank coat and increased stamina
“My hunting labrador Ayla has shown incredible alertness and stamina after she has started with DogVitality. I must not forget the coat that really shines. Ayla has received a lot of boasting.”

Rune and Grace Beathe Mathisen, Skien;
Good health, increased focus and maximum performance
“We use our Cairn Terriere actively for both exhibit, agility and obedience, which places great demands on the dog’s health, appearance, stamina and focus. DogVitality is a great tool for maximizing our dogs.” NUCH Hitos Dasher and Kramers Zorro;

Gry Eriksen, Tjøme;
My dog ​​became “younger” – became less stiff and more moving
“After my 9-year-old Swedish puppy dog, I had to realize that she was getting old, she was gypsy and far less active than before. After a 10 day cure with Rimadyl, I agreed with the vet that she was going to do this during the periods she was most stiff and bothered. At the same time, I was told by a colleague about a dietary supplement for a dog that would be very good. When I think it’s better if she gets a dietary supplement than if she on medication, I ordered a dogVitality box, without having the greatest hopes. After 3 to 4 weeks of use, I saw that I had a younger dog. She seems less stiff and far more awake and active. Now she’s ready next to me and want to be as fast as I get up to do something. It’s been a few years since and it’s very gratifying! Her coat has always been amazing, but now it seems a bit “softer” .. I Can not see that there are other factors than DogVitality that plays on her heap lethal condition right now, and now it seems that I do not have to medicate her, at least for now. I’m happy for that!”

Jan Peter Runde, Porsgrunn;
Helps against skin irritations and allergy complaints
“We have two dogs, an English springer spaniel of 4 years and a puppy (Samojed mother and boardercollie father) in 11 months. The Spaniards have been bothered by flassing, itching, rubbing and periodic fluid-filled blisters across large parts of the body. Allergy and the dog have been treated with Prednisolone in quite large doses and Atarax (antihistamines) to suppress the itch. It has also received antibiotics in three rounds and has been washed twice a week with special shampoos. We have also tried a number of different types Feeding without help, about 8 months ago, we started giving DogVitality both dogs, which has had a very good effect: the skin on the spaniels still flares, but the blisters have gradually declined and are absent from time to time. also decreased and it has more energy than before. This can obviously be due to reduced drug use, but our assumption is that DogVitality has reduced the need for other drug treatment. For the puppy it’s hard to say anything qualified about the effect of DogVitality. The dog has no known ailments and it has grown big, strong and spicy. The coat is impeccable and the mood is on top. One thing I’ve reflected a little over is the fact that the puppy is now approx. 5 cm higher than the norm for adult males in both races it is a result of. We have given that adult feed all the time and otherwise a long walk almost every day with a lot of running.”

Aina Christiansen, Porsgrunn;
Was good at stomach problems
“My 7 year old snacker, Nemo, got stomach problems and got medications from our veterinary clinic in Sandefjord. Then I read in a report in Porsgrunn Dagblad about the product DogVitality and thought that I had to try. Soon after, we began to see a difference. Nemo has become so nice, healthy and lively. This was so fun!”

Camilla Bakken, Åros;
Less smoking
“After Magnus has started with DogVitality with Omega-3, he has started to shed noticeably less. Instead of shivering a little all the time, he now shouts a lot for a short period of time and then it’s over. In addition, the coat has become much nicer . I also thought he seems very happy after joining the product. I would gladly recommend DogVitality.”

Birgitte Brathagen, Larvik;
Blank and full coat
“Ibsen has got very nice coat after he started with DogVitality with omega 3. Even his breeder noted how beautiful and bright his coat had been compared to the siblings, and he also tasted very tasty. Meals with DogVitality are the highlight, and he must always be allowed to lick the spoon clean before he gets the food.”