DogVitality dogs from Marianne Skjøthaug and Arne Karlstrøm put their mark on the Langfjord race.

The Langfjord race marked the start of the season! It was a success with almost 30 dog sledges spread over 8 and 12 span classes and the race was 2×5 miles two days.
Arne Karlstrøm won this race last year in the 12th class while this year it was Marianne’s turn to win the 12 span! Our trader this year, Helge Hoftun, became No. 2 in the 8th grade and our former trader Olivia, who lives in the village and drives with dogs from Marianne and Arne, became No. 3 in 8 teams.

This is what we call clean table for the DogVitality dogs. DogVitality congratulates so much.

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