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On this page you will find answers to the most common questions about the DogVitality® products. If you can not find answers to your question here, please feel free to send an email to All questions will be answered as quickly as possible.

DogVitality for fur, skin, paws and joints /DogVitality with omega-3+B-vitamins
DogVitality for stomach and intestine

General about the DogVitality products

Q: Can I use DogVitality for stomach and intestine and DogVitality with omega-3 + B-vitamins at the same time?
A: DogVitality products can be used in combination as they complement each other. By using the products together, you get a very good strengthening of the dog’s overall health condition and a good cause was the effect of joints, heart and vessels, allergies, and strengthening of the immune system. DogVitality for fur, skin and paws, ensures proper intake of the essential omega-3 fatty acids and can excellently replace other omega-3 products.

Q: I have a healthy dog, which of the DogVitality products should I use?
A: Both DogVitality products can be used by healthy dogs. Therefore, it is important to identify what health impact you want. For a general enhancing supplement that ensures great coat and soft skin, DogVitality with Omega-3 would be the right choice. However, if you want to strengthen your dog’s immune system and limit future bacterial attacks, or you want your dog to get more fitness, get better after training and get better, DogVitality will be the right choice for you.

Q: Can I use DogVitality for longer periods?
A: DogVitality fits perfectly as a daily supplement to the feed. This will ensure your dog’s long-term health benefits throughout the year. No undesirable effects are recorded by using DogVitality on a regular basis over extended periods of time (over several years).

Q: Does DogVitality have any side effects?
A: DogVitality has no known side effects. If, on the other hand, you are unsure, or have any questions about side effects or interactions, feel free to contact our Customer Service at: 33116300 and we will be happy to help.

Q: When in the day should my dog ​​get DogVitality?
A: DogVitality is given together with normal feed. However, when given is not important.

Q: Can I use DogVitality with other medicines?
A: There are no indications that DogVitality reacts or interacts with other drugs. If your dog uses other veterinary medicine, we recommend that you consult with this before combining the medication.

Q: Can I use DogVitality on pregnant dogs?
A: Pregnant dogs can excellent use DogVitality. Reports from breeders provide indications that pregnant dogs using DogVitality on average get a more live born puppy per litter. The herds also had finer fur and were big, strong and vital. It is also worth noting that DogVitality contains vitamin B-9 folic acid. The folic acid content is high enough to cover recommended daily needs during pregnancy.

Q: How early can my puppy start using DogVitality?
A: We do not recommend giving puppies DogVitality until after the period when the puppy is about 10 weeks old. The puppy may like to get DogVitality through breast milk from birth.

Q: What is the difference between DogVitality for Gastrointestinal and DogVitality for fur, skin and paws?
A: DogVitality for gastrointestinal tract contains 100% of the patented DogVitality concentrate. DogVitality with omega-3+B-vitamins contains approximately  5% of a salt of an organic acid and the vitamins B6, B9, B12 and E and 95% pure omega-3 fish oil. The products are designed specifically to give maximum effect on their respective areas. They can be used individually or in combination.

Q: Will my dog ​​like the taste of DogVitality? I thought it smelled bad.
A: In field studies and feedback we receive from customers, DogVitality scores well on taste. It has a taste of liver.  Some dogs may be a little skeptical the first couple of days. Most dogs prefer feed added with DogVitality.

Q: How long is it on DogVitality products?
A: DogVitality products are clearly marked with a minimum durable date, which is 2 years after the date of manufacture. If the products are stored correctly, they will still be potent and may be used if you have more left of the product after the date has expired.

Q: Where can I buy DogVitality?
A: DogVitality can be purchased from selected veterinarians, through the Norsk Kennel Club website and at DogVitalality’s own online store, In addition, you can purchase DogVitality at Handler Import AS.

DogVitality with omega-3+B-vitamins – for fur skin and paws

Q: My dog ​​already uses omega-3 – can I still use DogVitality with omega-3 + B-vitamins?
A: The use of regular omega-3 products in combination with DogVitality with omega-3 +B-vitamins will be too much and costly. If you are using an omega-3 product allready, we recommend that you either switch to only DogVitality with omega-3 + B-vitamins or you continue to use the existing omega-3 product but then combined with the DogVitality for stomach and intestine (the powder concentrate).

Q: Will DogVitality with omega-3+B-vitamins be able to replace a regular omega-3 product?
A: DogVitality with Omega-3 contains top quality omega-3 and is full of the leading brands found on the market today. DogVitality also contains the special DogVitality concentrate. This means that DogVitality with omega-3 can both replace a regular omega-3 product and is considered more potent an ordinary omega-3 as it contains more active substances

Q: How long does it take before I see results with DogVitality with omega-3+B-vitamins?
A: Generally speaking, a brand should be effective after 3 weeks of use. Most people, however, want to notice the effect before that time.

Q: Does DogVitality work against smoking? Smoking is natural for the dog?
A: For most dog breeds, smoking is a natural phenomenon one should not or can not bother with. On the other hand, there are clear trends that many dogs are characterized by abnormal smoking. This type of smoking may have a cause in dry and warm indoor climate, lack of exercise, poor diet, vitamin-mineral deficiency, allergies etc. It’s reducing this type of smoking DogVitality can be effective.

Q: Contains DogVitality omega-6? Should I possibly take this as well?
A: DogVitality does not contain omega-6 fatty acids. Feed producers claim that quality feed should contain sufficient omega-6 in itself. This, however, is a topic where the scholars are fighting, and several veterinarians now recommend extra supplements of omega-6. Please consult your veterinarian for recommendations.

Q: What does DogVitality mean twice as effective as normal omega-3?
A: DogVitality combines the positive effects of omega-3 with the patented DogVitality concentrate. This means that one gets effect from these active substances separately, plus that they together reinforce each other’s effects and create synergies. The DogVitality concentrate also increases the uptake of omega-3 fatty acids. This is what makes DogVitality with omega-3 extra potent and effective compared to pure omega-3 products.

Q: My dog ​​is bothered by allergy and skin irritations. Can DogVitality improve the troubles?
A: There are good indications and feedback that DogVitality affects skin irritations and allergy complaints. In such cases, DogVitality for fur, skin and paws is recommended.

Q: Other omega-3 products advertise for joints and cardiovascular disease. Does not DogVitality help with omega-3 for this?
A: All good quality omega-3 products have a lot of health effects. These are qualities that the dog obviously also receives from DogVitality with omega-3+B-vitamins. When Omega-3 and DogVitality work together, there are more positive synergies. Therefore, relative to regular omega-3 products, DogVitality will have an additional effect in these indication areas as well.

Q: How should DogVitality with Omega-3 be kept?
A: DogVitality with omega-3 should be kept cool and dark, preferably in a refrigerator after opening. Heat, light and exposure to oxygen cause omega-3 fatty acids to rupture more quickly. One will immediately recognize rancid oil on the special smell. Runny oil should not be used.

DogVitality – For stomach and bowel

Q: Should my dog ​​have a constant equal dose of DogVitality?
A: Many choose to customize the use after the strain the dog is exposed to. That is, they increase the dose during periods when the dog is more prone to bacterial attacks, or the dog experiences high levels of exercise / physical strain (hunting / competition, etc.). You will usually return to normal dose (possibly taking shorter stays) during periods of rest and low stress.

Q: I want to get my dog ​​in shape until the hunting season, how early should I start with DogVitality to get results?
A: DogVitality will start to work immediately on bacterial balance after ingestion. On a healthy dog ​​it will take about 3 weeks before one gets visible results. In fact, most improvements already notice that time, especially on dogs, for example, struggling with stomach and intestinal problems. To get the best effect of the product, we recommend starting the grant approximately 4 weeks before hunting / competition. Continuous use will provide the best results.

Q: How long does it take before I see results with DogVitality?
A: DogVitality will start to work immediately on bacterial balance after ingestion. It will take about 3 weeks before one starts to see results. In fact, most improvements already notice that time, especially on dogs, for example, struggling with stomach and intestinal problems. It will take about 4 weeks before the product has an optimal effect on the dog.

Q: Do you have to mix DogVitality with dry and water, or can I give it another way?
A: This is the best way to provide your dog DogVitality. However, if you find that this is difficult or time consuming or that does not fit into your normal routine routines, the powder can also be poured directly over the food. Keep in mind that the dog gets all the food and does not push the powder to the side.

Q: Should I go down to the formula when I use DogVitality?
A: DogVitality ensures better uptake and utilization of the feed. Results from studies indicate a better nutrient utilisation of 13%. Therefore, it may be advisable to observe the dog’s feed rate and possibly adjust to the dog’s appetite, activity level and body composition after it has started using DogVitality.

Q: My dog ​​is struggling with sensitive bowel. Can I use DogVitality?
A: Yes, DogVitality is ideal for dogs with sensitive bowel and other gastrointestinal problems. For dogs with very sensitive bowel, it may be advisable to reduce the dose during the first week, so that the dog turns to the drug. Then, a gradual increase to the normal dose.

Q: Can I use DogVitality for acute loose stomach?
A: DogVitality can be used in acute loose stomach, but in severe cases over extended periods it is recommended to seek out a veterinarian.

Q: My dog ​​is relaxed, “without spark” and has poor appetite. The veterinarian finds no mistake with it and we have tried the most, among other things. repeated antibiotic cures. Do you have any experience with DogVitality in such cases?
A: Often such undefined cases may have an underlying cause that is bacterial. If so, DogVitality will be effective. We have more feedback that dogs who have been on repeated antibiotic cures have had “sparkle back” after they started on DogVitality.