Hygenhunden Nala from Kennel Tirich-Mir; Wigdis and Øystein Sjursen.

“Sending an e-mail about a small thing: Mocca won 20kg of dogs in April by a brand that I do not use for normal. I’ve given away so much, so this time I thought Pan could get this mixed with the usual lining. But the nala also ate a good deal of Pan’s food. And the result was that the coat literally fell off. Now good advice was expensive. I brushed on with extra oil and powder, and the coat of Nala was top notch before we went to Denmark. This weekend we were in Trondheim on the NKK, and by a Norwegian judge who really could Hygenhund, Nala left CACIB and BIR, and the judge specifically noted her coat. Fun! I also met the last surviving puppy we have bred – a handsome gentleman at 16 !!!! year. He is healthy and fast and, of course, also goes to Dog Vitality. “