ImproWin® -for calves balances gastrointestinal flora and is used against an upset stomach and diarrhea in calves. This increases the calfs quality of life and ensures appetite and optimized growth.

ImproWin® -for calves is developed in Norway focusing on diarrhea caused by pathogenic bacteria with the ambitions of contributing to reduced antibiotic use.


Mechanism of action:
Reduce growth of pathogenic bacteria.
Buffers stomach.
Helps the digestion of nutrients.
Increases availability and utilization of nutrients.

In 2016 and 2017 a field study was conducted in collaboration with Rune Bratås, DVM at Sauda Veterinærkontor and the study design was created after consultations with Norwegian University of Life Sciences. See the study here(with google translation)

ImproWin® for calves consists of;
Salts of organic acids, with calcium, sodium, potassium, iron and B-vitamins.

Gastrointestinal problems, apathy, “under the weather”, depression and reduced appetite.

Daily use:
1g per 20kg calf daily.
Start from 8 days of life.
Mix ImproWin dosage with milk the first week. Thereafter with water and administer with teat.
Use of ImproWin ends when the calf is expected to start rumination, approximately week 26 of life.

In the case of diarrhea:
Double dosage – 2g per 20kg calf.
It is recommended to start use of ImproWin as soon as diarrhea is detected.
The dosage can be increased up to 4g per 20kg calf if needed.


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