Vitality Innovation AS is a development company focused on products that provide improved health, vitality and performance throughout the life of animals.
The products should be health-promoting and based on ingredients that are natural to the animals.
Vitality Innovation AS sells products that have documented effects, do not have adverse side effects, are approved by public authorities for use on animals and trusted as not doping.

Vitality Innovation AS was established in 2004 based on years of research with exciting results that led to patent applications. After the establishment, further documentation has been focused prior to the commercialization of the products. The development has been based on expertise and experience in organic acids and salts of these. The entrepreneurs have been developing products for various applications, including for animals and fish within Norsk Hydro ASA. . Significant R & D and Business Development funds are invested. It is collaborated with Norwegian University of  Life Sciences; Veterinary Medicine, Animal and Aquacultural Sciences and Feed Manufacturing Technology. Results are currently displayed through the products ImproWin® and DogVitality®.

Our products are based on patents in most of the world.

Approval for use in animals.
The products have been approved by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority  for use in all animals.

Not doping;
The Norwegian Animal Health Authority and later the Norwegian Food Safety Authority have considered the products as supplements in relation to the doping regulations. Conclusion; They are not considered doping and do not have a running time for competition.

Awards and prizes;

This development has resulted in the company being awarded several awards;

DnBNOR’s Innovation Award 2006

Norwegian Design Council

Larvik Municipality Foundation Prize 2008